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Fight PFOA/PFOS in Drinking Water with the Culligan Total Defense Cartridge

The Culligan® Total Defense Cartridge offers the most comprehensive carbon filter we currently sell for the Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System. It acts as a last line of defense after the Reverse Osmosis or Nano Filtration membranes. The Culligan® Total Defense Cartridge is certified to remove contaminates that a RO cannot, such as Mercury, MTBE’s, […] Read More

Concerns About Your Drinking Water?

In May 2017, the Minnesota Department of Health has announced new guidelines for specific contaminants that might be found in water. These new limits state that drinking water should contain no more than 35 parts per trillion of PFOA (perfluoro-octanoic acid) or 27 parts per trillion of PFOS (perfluoro-octanesulfonic acid). Click here to read this announcement from the MN Deptartment of Health. According […] Read More

Learn More About the ClearLink PRO

ClearLink PRO™ utilizes wireless technology to switch the main faucet between unfiltered and filtered water. For filtered water, turn on the cold water, push the ClearLink PRO™ button, and in a few seconds you have RO water at the main faucet. When you’re done, simply turn off the water and the system will automatically divert […] Read More

Stay Hydrated, Even in Cooler Weather!

It’s the first day of fall! Don’t let the cooler weather fool you! Our bodies still need proper hydration during the cooler months in order to function properly! Culligan has solutions to provide refreshing drinking water in your home. Browse our current specials in the “Valuable Offers” section or contact us to learn more and find the right solution […] Read More

Don’t Forget Our 2018 Softener Salt Sales

Culligan of Inver Grove Heights hosts salt sales throughout the year, providing the opportunity for customers stock up on water softener salt at a great price. These sales take place on the first Friday and following Saturday of every third month. The sale runs on Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM then continues on Saturday from 8:30 […] Read More

Residents in Rosemount Should be Aware of Possible High Nitrate Levels in Water

Culligan of Inver Grove Heights is your water treatment expert serving the Rosemount area. It has recently become known that residents in this area may have high levels of nitrate in their water, making it unsafe to drink. Click here to read the entire article from the Pioneer Press  Culligan can complete a free water […] Read More

Sign Up for Salt Sale Email Reminders!

Culligan of Inver Grove Heights hosts salt sales throughout the year where you can stop by to get the best deals on water softener salt! Don’t risk missing one of these sales; sign up to receive notifications for all of our future salt sales by filling out the form below. * indicates required Email Address […] Read More

Softener Salt Delivery Promotion

Culligan Metro South is pleased to announce that eligible home owners or businesses who sign up for Culligan’s salt delivery will receive a complimentary 80 lb. of authentic Culligan salt. In return, new customers will agree to stay on Culligan’s home or business delivery for a minimum of 1 year. The Culligan salt delivery service […] Read More

Water information for Residents in Woodbury

Culligan of Inver Grove Heights supplies high efficiency water softeners to residents in Woodbury, Minnesota. If you live in Woodbury and would like to research more about your city’s water supply, the City of Woodbury has posted helpful information about its water supply and water softening. The water in the area is approximately 13.5 grains of hardness. Visit the […] Read More

Award Winning Facility!

Our state-of-the-art bottled water manufacturing facility is consistently awarded the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) Excellence in Manufacturing Award, with standards that meet and exceed federal and state regulations Founded by William H. Milbert in 1946, Culligan Metro South continues to be owned and operated by the Milbert family. They have been providing outstanding Culligan […] Read More

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